These programs are for Athletes training for a specific sport and who want to maximize their Strength, Power, Speed, Agility and Recovery for their sport.  For optimal training results, it is suggested athletes train 2-3 times per week.  2 sessions per week with Coach Jmac is $100/month.  3 sessions per week with Coach Jmac is $130/month.  Sessions will have 8-10 athletes per session.


Boot-camp Training is a type of group physical training by Coach Jmac.  These programs combine weights, pulling and pushing exercises, with TRX, core exercises, stretching, plyometrics and various interval training modalities over a period of 30-40 minutes.  Prices for BOOT-CAMP sessions are based on number of participants per group.  Contact Coach Jmac for more details.


For optimal achievement of Fitness Goals, one on one training/coaching with Coach Jmac is the recommended method.  Clients will go through a customized, specific training program tailored to best fit their needs.  Sessions typically last approximately 1 hour and include warm-up, stretching, personalized fitness training program consisting of various exercises, as well as a cool-down.  One on one training sessions can be done onsite at the M.A.C. centre, client’s gyms and or at Coach Jmac’s home studio.  Pricing options for one on one training/coaching include hourly rates and or Packages of 5-10 sessions.  Contact Coach Jmac for more details.


After long awaited, Coach Jmac has opened up a competitive Weightlifting Club for those who are interested in competing in Olympic Weightlifting.  Whether it’s Junior Lifters, Senior Lifters and or Masters-aged Lifters, Coach Jmac is now training athletes interested in competing in sanctioned Ontario Weightlifting Association competitions.  Contact Coach Jmac for pricing and programming as well as for listings of sanctioned Ontario Weightlifting competitions.

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